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Hi there! My name is Ayushee (i•you•she) and I’m a product designer.

My career in UX/UI is the culmination of my education in neuroscience/consumer psychology, 3+ years of professional market research experience, and continuing design work. How did that happen you ask?

Long story short, I was good at math and science as a kid, leading me to ignore my artistic inclinations and love for creative projects. Upon completing my Bachelor’s in Neuroscience at the University of Southern California and Master’s in Consumer Psychology at New York University, I realized a hard truth—it wasn’t the right fit. 

I took the plunge and began to study design (you guessed it—the right fit), receiving my graphic design certificate from Otis College of Art and Design in 2018. I pivoted to UX/UI after a brush with the field through a web design class. 

I was instantly hooked, soaking up all things UX and committing to a self-administered education.

Now, after years of honing my skills, I am a senior UX/UI designer at a leading healthcare company. I currently design digital platforms for global clinicians that result in positive patient outcomes and improved hospital ROI. 

Not only does my versatile education and work signify my love of learning, but it has instilled in me detail orientation, organization, and creative problem-solving. I approach all my projects with an analytical eye, resulting in thorough and thoughtful designs. UX lies at the junction of all my skillsets and fulfills my deeper desire to simplify and improve lives in an increasingly overwhelming world. My design mantra is delightful, functional design with a sense of humor.

In my spare time I am a cut-throat board game competitor, Disney enthusiast (I’m a big believer in “The creative adult is the child who survived”), connoisseur of tea, Indian Classical Dancer, and lifelong learner with the curiosity to kill a cat.

© 2021 Ayushee Aithal